phg's multi-dimensional approach to design and construction encompasses all phases of the process.  Our breadth of experience includes a full range of Luxury, Production & Age-

restricted residential projects, as well as Home Builder Sales Offices, Design Studio facilities, Golf Course & Recreation Centers, Class A & medical offices, and a full range of hospitality projects.

Our Competitive Edge

Time – Our focus on Spatial Design saves valuable time during the planning, design and construction processes to insure that your time and resources are properly spent, and that all areas of a project are thoroughly evaluated for current and future needs.


Value The extensive new construction and renovation experience brings a superior level of expertise and know-how.


MoneyOur comprehensive design approach combines unparalleled design with real-world knowledge to maximize the value of every project.

Gretchen Palmer,  is an award-winning Designer and Construction Professional whose success is uniquely underscored by a comprehensive knowledge of Design, Development, and Construction.

She is recognized as a Luxury Home and Commercial Renovation Specialist, and has been a key player in successful real estate development projects throughout the country for individuals, and private & publicly held companies.